How to sell a business?

Exposure to corporate networks and facilitation by corporate finance experts.

  • Disposing of a non-care business
  • Private equity leveraged buy-out
  • No Succession plan in place
  • Management buy-out

  • Lifestyle decision
  • Emigration
  • Realising wealth
  • Retirement

“There are a number of reasons why business owners may want to sell their interest in their businesses. It may be to focus on other business interests, the businesses does not fit into the overall strategy of a large group or retirement. Pollination Capital assists to source interested buyers and facilitate the transaction process.”










The decision to sell

The decision to sell a business is not one that is usually taken without much consideration. It is therefore imperative that the same level of planning and precision applies when a seller is sourced and the transaction executed.

Critical aspects when selling a business include:

  • Understanding what a market related price is for the business
  • Giving prospective sellers sufficient information to make an informed decision
  • Gaining access to larger companies interested in growing through acquisitions
  • Having sufficient time to market the business in order to consider proper offers



Our business sale process

Our selling process begins with understanding the competitive advantages of the client and what type of corporate buyer can extract synergy benefits from those.

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