Aquiring a business

Maximise the opportunity of value-enhancing acquisitions

  • Synergy benefits
  • Expanding your product range
  • Controlling supplies
  • Expanding your client base
  • Increasing market shares

  • Multiple arbitrage
  • Acquiring brands
  • Family business
  • Procurement efficiency
  • Lifestyle business

"Many businesses have identified acquisitions as a key element to grow their business. They may have identified the type of businesses that they wish to acquire or may be generally receptive to acquisition opportunities. Pollination Capital assists with the mapping of an acquisition strategy and/or sourcing the desired businesses to be acquired."















Acquisition Strategy

An acquisition strategy is best executed in a well-planned manner and by being selective. The key to successful acquisitions is to understand the synergy benefits that need to be realised in order to give the acquiring business a competitive advantage.

Pollination Capital can assist to identify the type of businesses to be acquired by:

  • Gaining an understanding of the business model of the potential acquirer
  • Discussing and suggesting synergy benefits that can enhance the competitive advantage of the potential acquirer
  • Helping to plan the acquisition strategy in terms of price, size, type of business, etc.


Targeting the right business acquisition

Management may already have identified the type of businesses that they wish to target for an acquisition. Pollination Capital will assist to source such businesses for the potential acquirer.

This sourcing function has the following benefits:

  • Management can focus on running the business, whilst Pollination Capital approaches the targeted businesses. This enables us to pro-actively source acquisition opportunities as they arise
  • Pollination Capital can engage with potential sellers on a confidential basis without initially disclosing the identity of the potential acquirer.


Our acquisition process

The buying process begins with an understanding of the acquisition strategy of the client. Click on the link below to find out more about what processes and strategies we use.

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