Raising funds for capital investments

Matching your capital requirements in a way that appeals to investors and financiers

  • Expansion capital
  • BBBEE partner
  • Strategic investor
  • Transaction funding

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Share buybacks

“Businesses require cash throughout their life cycle. This is normally generated through operating activities in a profitable concern. There are, however, times when larger injections of cash are needed to fund an expansion of the business. Pollination Capital assists in raising the necessary funds."









Capital Raising Strategy

Management has to decide what type of capital injection is needed. Equity will reduce the risk of the extra funding but dilutes ownership. Debt injection will maintain the current ownership but reduce the strength of the balance sheet. The current balance sheet and cash flows determine the ability of the business to offer collateral to the financier and service the necessary debt.  

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Technical skills and deep networks

Our large network of financiers and investors, as well as our expert corporate finance skills and experience means that you are in good hands when raising capital for your business. Our fees can be a retainer or a commission contingent upon raising the funds, or a combination of both.

Capital Raising services are mostly offered as part of Pollination Capital’s M&A transaction process. It can however be offered as a stand-alone service to assist corporate clients in unlocking value.

Our process

The capital raising service process includes a financial analysis, a calculation of the funds needed along with justification, the development of a return on investment rationale, a valuation, the structuring of the transaction, a business plan, a roadshow to investors and funders, assistance with negotiations, preparation of term sheets, facilitating agreements and closing of the deal.